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Tampon cotton

Tampon cotton. It is not ‘ caused’ by a tampon nor is the risk of developing TSS impacted by the ingredients in a tampon, whether 100% cotton, organic cotton, or a cotton/ rayon blend. Once inserted correctly a tampon is held in place by the vagina and expands as it soaks up menstrual blood. Well, there’ s more to the story. They’ re just small pieces of cotton that absorb menstrual blood, correct? The most up- to- date scientific information available today assures that tampons made with rayon ingredients and tampons made with cotton ingredients have similar risks of TSS. Conventional Tampon are Not as Safe as They Seem. A tampon is a feminine hygiene product designed to absorb the menstrual flow by insertion into the vagina during menstruation. The majority of tampons sold are made of rayon, or a blend of rayon and cotton. Just by looking at a conventional tampon it’ d be hard to guess why they can be harmful.
Today, most cotton is genetically engineered ( GE) and soaked in pesticides as it is not a consumable product. Tampons are available in several absorbency ratings. Welcome to Tampon Tribe! However, inserting a GE cotton tampon into your vagina several times each month may be worse than ingesting pesticides from GE food, considering the.

Select exact online organic cotton tampon that you need to match your flow. We’ ve got you covered with trusted period products made with 100% organic cotton and gynecologist- approved sexual health products delivered to your door. Buy online best- certified plastic free organic cotton tampons & pads delivered to your door. How can the answer be improved? No toxin, chemicals, dyes or chlorine bleaches and it’ s totally plastic free!
The Best 10 Organic Cotton Tampons Brands & Reviews. Do you really need to use organic tampons?

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